If your production requires high quality voiceover recordings, Antony has the experience and skills you need!

Whether you're producing a TV show, Film or Advertisement, you can rest assured your needs will be catered for.



Music is such an important part of media production and finding the right music in a saturated market is like looking for needle in a haystack!

However, a bespoke music composition can truly bring a production to life and provide the uniqueness and high quality required to stand out from the masses.

Antony is very experienced at working to a client's brief and provides an efficient service at reasonable rates.

Composing Music


Songwriting isn't easy, or at least 'good' songwriting isn't easy!

Putting thoughts, ideas and feelings on to paper might sounds straight forward enough, but turning them into a song which really captures what the writer wants to say and what they want the listener to hear, whilst keeping the quality and credibility high, takes years to perfect.

Having worked with hundreds of recording artists over a career spanning decades, Antony has a proven track record of turning the ambitions of clients into reality!

Singer Songwriter


Recording vocals and instruments the 'right' way is something which has to be learnt and it takes time!

From old fashioned reel-to-reel tape machines, through the Atari ST days, to the modern-day powerful computer recording systems, Antony has studied and mastered them all.

Antony's studio runs the latest PreSonus Studio One software, providing extremely high quality tracking and stem creation.

Recording Studio


There's an old industry saying "fix it in the mix"!

Well, yes that's possible but the best mixes are born out of good writing and recording.

Another old industry saying is "less is more"!

Knowing how and when to use space, light and shade is key to creating dynamics which evoke emotions the listener feels and reacts to.

Antony has mixed everything from classical to metal and is absolutely meticulous in his work.

Audio Mixing Pult


Do you want to know why some recordings don't sound like what you hear on the radio? It's because the mixes haven't been mastered!

Mixes which haven't been mastered lack drive, punch, volume, and the ability to play them on any speakers and sound right!

Often considered a bit of a dark art, Antony has the tools and the experience to master!

Recording Equipment